Friday, June 24, 2011

My urban container garden #2

Ok, so now for a in between pictures! Then, maybe tomorrow I will be able to get out some pics of what they all currently look like. Ok, here goes:

Here are my perennial herbs. This is usually over-run with Mint, but this year the Lemon balm TOOK OVER!! Most of what you see there is Lemon Balm. There are a few small area's of mint, some oregano on the left and some garlic/onion grass in the middle.
Close up of our first strawberry!
This is a raised bed my hubby made for me years ago. I add some more strawberry plants and also planted garlic this year. My friend said they grow well together:) They do!
This was my lettuce growing in one of our old kitchen drawers! :) We had them stowed in the basement for a long time after a remodel, so I thought they would do nicely for shallow rooted lettuce:)
The drawer on the right is red onions and the slim green container next to it is newly planted lettuce ( that you'll find the rabbits ate most of!!)
On the right here are yellow onions and next to them on the left is a drawer full of arugula! More lettuce growing to the left of that.
So on the far left I planted four pumpkin seeds. I left them to grow for ever it seemed and nothing.... so later I planted pickling cucumbers and zucchini squash.... then of course one of them decided to come up! VERY CROWDED now:) Next to that on the right are a few watermelon plants, and next to that are a few cantaloupe plants.
The short one of the right has cucumber plants growing in it.

We put up this continuous lattice for the plants.... it was a nice idea, but they are SO FULL right now that we can't hardly see what's what!! next year they will each get there own:)
This row here has mostly all different kinds of sweet pepper. Also it has two jalapeno buckets and one bucket full of cilantro!
Lots of tomatoes....
Lots more tomatoes!

My next blog will show you how all the plants are doing currently. I separated the bucket plants out to four rows so I could actually see each plant. They were getting really bushy all squished together like that!  I will try to get some pics and maybe even a video out soon!
Thanks for looking!

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