Monday, June 20, 2011

Persecution anyone?

About two or three weeks ago I was playing with this video concept and recorded this one here. It's kinda just some thoughts on persecution and passion. Even if my kids are the only ones who ever care about these videos, I thought it would be a cool idea to tape my thoughts about different things as they come to mind.  I know for me, if my mom had some stash of videos from back when she was young, I would be watching them over and over again.  So, here's hoping at the least these will be cool for my kids.  At most..... God knows!

p.s. turn up the volume, I'll figure out this mic thing yet!


Morrigan55 said...

excellent video Kelly, and so true to life, especially lately. I am still shell shocked. Been in serious prayer with the Lord. Thanks for posting it.

kelkayla said...

Thanks Mo. Just felt it on my heart to talk about it:) We'll see what comes next.... :)


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