Sunday, June 26, 2011

Benjamin's 2nd Birthday!!!

Benjamin turned 2 years old this April 1st, and well, I just didn't have the time to get the photo's up on the blog then.  BUT, I do now!!!  So, here are some belated birthday pics of my little man's day!

This year I made Ben a MICKEY MOUSE cake!!  The little mickey on the side is just for him and the big one is to share!

I had to make something silly for April fools day, so I made deviled eggs out of cadberry eggs!!  Didn't think they could get any worse for ya did you! LOL  You can find that recipe HERE
if you dare........ :)

Super Man Takes Flight!!!  See, it was suppose to be a superman party, but couldn't find any cute plates etc... to go with that theme!  I made him the cape and everything, ( plus we have called him superman since he was born for the way he stretches with both arms strait up!) So we still let got him in his super clothes for the party!  To see some great pics of the cape I made plus a batman one I made his cousin ( who's in this pic above to the right), go HERE to my other blog called kelly's crafty creations!

Me and my little man!  I so dig this guy!

Thanks for lookin!  Blessings!

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