Monday, February 22, 2010

Busy Life

Sorry it's been so long since I posted!! Life has been super busy lately for all of us and it shows no signs of slowing down!! This week on Thursday is my lasik surgery. PLEASE pray for everything to work out with that!! There is also a homeschooling event earlier that day, so I will be doing alittle cramming this week to make up for that busy day away:) Ben's surgery is next week on March the 5th so your continued prayers for that one is very much appriciated!

The girls have started back with there old curriculum , "Mystery of History" which I LOVE!! We will be working through the second semester of the first book. This curriculum weaves biblical history with other history taking place in the same time period. The girls really enjoy it and I have been using a friends helpful hint and sneaking it in during lunch!! Thanks Shelley!!!

Also this week they started there new bible study on proverbs 31, new geography on north America and continuing there new English. I think they are really enjoying these books and I am SO glad cause so am I!!

Kayla's basketball game on Saturday went SO well!!! The team did a really good job, and Kayla made her first basket of the season!!! YOU GO GIRL!! To dairy queen to celebrate we go!! I will get some video of the game up here soon, though not of her awesome shot:(

Been A LOT of snow up in these parts lately! So a lot of shoveling and salting going on here. PLUS, with the weather bad, the kids and I get to join my hubby at is "all weather" job in easton:) We really enjoy working together as a family so that has been a huge blessing!!

God has been so good to us and it's amazing to see! The more we turn over our hearts and our lives to Him, the more he pours out his love and blessings on us. He is so Faithful to take care of us!! Praise the Lord! And Praise the Lord for all our wonderful friends and family who have blessed us through this difficult winter. We love you all so much and we are so thankful for your friendship and support!!

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