Tuesday, February 16, 2010

My life today

Hi all. Today was an eventful day! School went really well today. We're working on our new Holling C. Hollings book "Tree in the Trail" about a cottonwood tree's life on the Santa Fe trail. The girls just LOVE his books! Also, math actually went really well today!! PTL!! (Praise the Lord!:) Kayla started tackling multiplying fractions today, which is actually way easier then adding or subtracting them!! LOL SO, she is FULLY STOKED about that!! After school, we got the mail and our new curriculum had finally made it!! YEAH!!! The girls will be starting a new bible study from all about the proverbs 31 woman as well as a new and exciting geography book where they will learn all about North America! FUN FUN! We also started a new English today called "English for the thoughtful child". I'm real excited about this one as well! We also will be doing Life of Fredas a supplement for math. All these items follow a way of homeschooling developed by Charlotte Mason. You can read about her HERE as well as many other places on the net.
After all that excitement, the family left to Kansas city. The kiddo's stayed with the in-laws ( Thanks again wonderful in-laws!) Jason and I then went to a appointment to see if I am a candidate for lasik eye surgery..... and I am!!!!!!!! Looks like next week I will ( GOD WILLING!) be getting the surgery and my eyes will be all fixed up!! Thank you Jesus for our tax return!!!!!!:) We have been wanting and praying for this for such a long time and finally the time is here! PLEASE pray for the surgery, I'm am alittle nervous, but I KNOW God is in control!!
Next, after a quick stop at Panera Bread ( BRREEEAAAAD IS MY CHOCOLATE!!! LOVE IT! ) Jason and I went and saw AVATAR 3D..... at this point I am suppose to be telling you how WONDERFUL and FANTASTIC and AWESOME this movie was..... and there were certainly things about the movie that were all those things. BUT, it was hard to enjoy them while being bashed over the head about how horrible humans are, how irresponsible we are, how we are earth haters, how we would rather be some other race then be human, how we will destroy the earth, how we should stop having so many kids that consume all the nature resources etc etc etc etc..............GOOOD GRACIOUS!!! I am SO tired of this never ending theme among Hollywood these days...these years!! From Disney movies on up it is always SOMETHING about how horrible we all are and how we should all die to save the planet!!!!! ARGGGG!!! FRUSTRATING!!! NOW, all that said, I really enjoyed how cool the planet was and the love story ( although very predictable) was sweet and the special effects were really cool!!! Just disappointing that another movie which had so much cool potential was again ruined by go green preaching! Don't get me wrong, I love the earth! But NOT more then I love God's people... By the way, did you know that all the people currently living in the world could only fill the city of Jacksonville Florida!!! Seriously! If everyone stood in there own square foot space, all the people in the whole world would fill the city of Jacksonville, Florida!! So, geuss we arn't covering the earth quite as much as some might think. That blew my mind. By the way, we learned that today while doing some science, watching a DVD called "Beginning's". Here is the web sight about the DVD. Very cool info on this one!!! So, that was a day in the life of me today. How was your day??

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