Saturday, April 3, 2010

Benjamin's Cast-Off Pictures! :)

Well, here they are!! This is the first part of Ben's big day!! His first birthday started out with Cheerios and bananas and then moved on to the hospital and some cast relief! Take a look!

Grandma sweet and Benjamin walking around the doctors office!! He learned to walk completely on his own the day before his birthday!!! BUT, now with his cast off, I think he's gone back to needing a hand. He is SO timid with his hand now that he walks on his knee's instead of crawling even!! He's slowly using his hand more now though:)
First she took off the blue outer "car/truck" layer.
They didn't get a pic of the machine, but they used this buzz saw thing that vibrated. The loudness and vibrations scared him, but the saw itself was harmless.
Off comes the cast!
Next is time to take off the gauze underneath!
It's hard to see in this pic but if you look hard you can see a white ball on top of his THUMB ( singular!! ). That ball is screwed on to the HUGE pin they put in his thumb.
This was the hard and painful part. It was a struggle to get that long pin out and he did NOT like it:(
Here it is....this thing was WAY LONG!
Starting to feel better. Wrapped it up again till the doc came....which took a way long time:(

Time for his first real bath in a long time!! He had fun till I had to scrub his arm and thumb to get the yuck off and the scabs...

He is doing fine now. His arm and hard stayed in the cast position for awhile after the appointment and still reverts back here and there. It will take awhile to get back to normal. Yesterday he started eating a bit with it but his thumb is still tender and he doesn't like it being touched to much..of course! It's a little swollen and bruised but looks really pretty good! Thank you JESUS for taking care of my little Benjamin!!!

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