Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Earth Day Field Trip

This Tuesday the kiddos and I got to take a field trip with the Leavenworth Virtual School to the toganoxie fair grounds for some fun Earth Day Learning Activities! Aside from the few VERY annoying references to how people are killing our planet and causing Global Warming (ARGGGGGG), they had a really fun time and learned some great things about soil, water and air pollution. Take a look at some of the pics. (the first few are morning fun with Ben pics!)

This is the first station they went to. This one was on air pollution mostly and I was pretty impressed with how well Kayla did with the questions!
This next one was a game of tag all about global warming and CO2......

This was my favorite station. It was a trailer made to look like underground and they learning all about the layers and the different things in the ground etc...

This was a trailer with a model on it so the girls could learn about erosion...

this was a smaller scale model where the all learned about water pollutants.

Here the got to sit and learn about animal preservation and hunting/fishing limits etc. They also got to see and feel many different animal coats native to Kansas.

And Pooh Bear was there.....:)
This last one was both the girls favorite. They got to use a very expensive GPS system to find certain things in the area.... HIGH TECH Treasure HUNT!

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Maureen said...

It looks like everyone had a good time and learned some things in the process!! Always a good thing!! I am so happy for all of you! You have so many varied types of field trips and so many too. Good job!!!!


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