Monday, January 31, 2011

And so it begins, POTTY TRAINING!

Our son Benjamin has just begun to show the tell tell signs potty training time. He has started pointing to his diaper and saying BLUCK! And then promptly motioned me to come to his room and fix it! LOL SO, the other day he went into the bathroom and started putting on his little toilet seat and "asked" to get me to put him on it! So, I said, "why not!" and put him up on there. I also gave him our connect four hand held game and a book:) He through the book:( and started talking on the "connect four" phone! LOL SO, of course, I had to take pictures of this and share them over the web!!! What's really funny is, a little later, my husband came in and showed me the pictures that HE'd taken as well! All this to say, he finally wanted off and low and behold, he had done the deed!!!!! My cute little pooper, pooped!! This was more then likely a fluke, but I'm gonna rejoice in it just the same!! :) Here are the infamous pics!

Look at that "cool dude" face!

I'm talking to Grandma here!!

Don't look at me, Privacy please!!

Ok, here's a smile, take the picture!!

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