Sunday, January 23, 2011

Land family fun in the SNOW!

Saturday it finally got "warm" enough here in good old Kansas to make all this snow we have had wet enough to pack into shapes! Well, I took that opportunity to make a gigantic bolder for no apparent reason other then I haven't really ever made one before being a California girl and all:) Once my bolder got way to big to move, I called out the family and we finished it up and added some smaller boulders on top, thus creating a GINORMOUS snow LADY:) Have a look:)

It's hard to tell, but if you look hard you can see Kayla sticking her hand through the wall trying to freak out Ben....

it totally worked!.....:(

This one is Kayla trying to tunnel through this high pile of snow by the side of the road..

Here she is!!! Crystal the snow woman! This is Jason and Sam finishing her off...

Jason is actually very serious about snowman making... it has to be just right!

Serious business for him....

not so much for her...!lol

Me and my man....and our ...... snow woman:)

My super family:)


Maureen said...

I love these pics!! You all look so happy! Where are Ben's gloves???? Love you all!!

Maureen said...

I love these pics!! You all look so happy in the snow! I love Crystal too. She is so cool!


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