Saturday, March 6, 2010

Benjamin is doing great~!

Benjamin came through his surgery really well thanks to God and all your prayers!! He was a little lethargic in the beginning ( of course ) but the rest of the day he was crawling around ( now we call him thumper cause of the sound his cast makes as he speed crawls through the house). He has a cute blue cast on with cars/trucks all over it:) He is still getting use to that big heavy blue thing that just appeared on his arm, but is adjusting to it well. Still is standing up on his own and has pretty good balance! Here are some pics from the day!

Taking vitals...

This is the happy-and-forgot-I'm-hungry time!

A few last shots of my super thumbs!!!

Oh ya.....I'm STARVING!!!

All done and all pooped out!

Time to go sleepy head....

Feeling much better now!!!

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