Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Fun with history!

Last Thursday my children had the opportunity to be a part of a Biblical History Event with Mythslayers Ministries. Jennifer Slattery, founder of MythSlayer Ministries, gave us a wonderful presentation of the Mesopotamian culture as seen through the eyes of one of the characters in her books. She has written several novels intended to help
children understand, and enjoy, the Biblical facts about the history
of the world. Her program included:

A short drama, dressed in the character of Sisera, from her book
"Journey to the Ice"
A small meal, as would have been common in Mesopotamia
A Powerpoint presentation about early history

The girls really enjoyed her "full dress" presentation and enjoyed the meal afterward. She also presented clay and seeds during her presentation for the kids to grind and write on, which was particularly fun for them!! Please click HEREto see her web sight!!

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