Thursday, March 11, 2010

Field trip day to the water treatment plant!

Today our fearless Chalk leader lead us to our water treatment plant for a fun filled time of interesting video's, filters, pumps, noises and SMELLS!! OF COURSE, I once again forgot my camera, but I am reassured that at least one of the other mom's there had one and will share the pics soon!! There were so many of us homeschoolers that we had to separate into two groups!! After a couple of video's ( which I didn't hear to much of with a wiggly baby attached to my front), we started our tour! It was interesting to see all the things our water goes through to make it at least clean enough to go back to the river:) Lots of pumps and different size filters and LARGE round holding/separating/rotating tanks! It was an interesting trip, with some strong smells we aren't soon to forget!!! The cold was surprisingly cold today so that kinda...stunk...heheh.... but otherwise it was a great FREE field trip! Thanks Angela! Pics to come later.....

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