Sunday, July 24, 2011

Garden pictures UPDATE!

Well, I thought we were due for some new pics on how the garden is doing.  Take a look:
Strawberry Bed.  I am letting them put out new strawberry plants, rather then cutting the shoots and getting more berries.  I'm hoping next year it will be full enough to cut the shoots and give more berries a chance to develop.

I am getting a few straggler berries though:)

Arugula gone to seed

These are the little seed pouches.  I gotta get the girls on separating those out! :)

Cilantro gone to seed, which is coriander!  Need to get that harvest too.

Attempt at a close up, my camera isn't to spiffy at that.

In the background is one of the cantaloupe growing in the jungle...

There are many of these little micro cucumbers right now growing :)

Another cantaloupe in the back middle of the pic.up

Medium size cucumber

Two watermelons.  The one in the front has been growing for EVER but really isn't getting any bigger.... any suggestions?  Should I sacrifice it and cut it off for the greater good?????

New baby watermelon trying to make it's way

This is a pic on the right side of the large tub jungle.  These are my pickling cucumbers..

Zucchini, there is another one hiding in the grass that you can't see

The tomatoes are really doing well, SO BLESSED.

Small watermelon

Another cantaloupe

A newer cantaloupe growing

Here are the jalapeno plants.  They have been amazing!!  I have so many of these guys in my freezer right now.  Should warm up our winter months well!


Finally getting some of these guys to turn to red!

Yellow pears!  I love these guys!  They really taste the same to me, but the color they bring to the party is so worth it!

Well, this was basil, Rosemary and parsley....  the rosemary and parsley did NOT make it:)  BUT, the basil is doing real well!

The lemon grove is very bushy now.  Hints of mint and oregano here and there , but mostly LEMON BALM!
So, there ya go, and here is some of the harvest that day ( about three or so days ago):
We went ahead and harvest all the onion bulbs that were left, they were lookin pretty done.

Yum yum.  I just froze in a zip lock bag most of the onions whole. 

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