Saturday, July 9, 2011

My version of the Long T-shirt skirt!

Ok, so in the midst of a insane day of making things that didn't all work out ( blogging on that later), I needed to take a short break and make something that did work out! LOL SO, here is my first try at a version of the long t-shirt skirt from my last post. Guess I should of made this a few days earlier for 4th of July hu!!!
I had alot of left over bottoms of t-shirts from the big huge t-shirt quilt I did awhile back...did I blog about that yet??? If not, I will:) SO, I found some colors that go together (smile) and used those bottoms. I kept the bottom hem on all the pieces ( one because it's faster and easier...lazy sewing works for me) and two, because it added some texture to the skirt:) Took me maybe 30-45 minutes tops! YEAH! New insta skirt! So cozy and comfy! Try this, easy peasy lemon squeezy! (could have used just two pieces for a summer skirt!)

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