Saturday, July 9, 2011

Messenger Bag made out of Old Jeans!!

Ok, so for a very long time, I have been wanting to have a go at a messenger bag. Finally a few days ago I had my chance. Now for some reason I just can't seem to pull out all my nice fabric.... I mean, it's so pretty in tubs all folded and stuff.......SO, I had this pair of old cut off jeans that a sweet friend of mine had given me. PERFECT for a dry run at making one of these things. SO, I gave it a shot. I took some pictures of it, and then my camera died, so not everything one would like for a tutorial, but you'll get the gist:)
SO, cute the bootie off your pants for the large flap that goes over the bag.

Now cut out on both sides the inner seem of the jeans.

Now flip the pants over, cut off the back side of the legs left after cuttin out the bootie.  Then, on the left side of the little bit of seem that is left from the crotch, cut up alittle ways, right before the fly.  Then fold that part over the other leg and pin to where it looks nice and flat.

Pin all the way down the middle of the two legs so that it looks like it lays nice and flat.

This is a shot of the back side.  I would cut off the excess AFTER you sew down the front of the pants to connect the legs.

Now, these pants were already cut short, so I leaved them the length they were.  Now is a great time to cut off the length till you have it where you like it.  Actually, could have done that before you sewed the legs together, but either way works.  Now, flip the pants right sides together so the bottom of the legs is even with the top waist of the jeans.  Should be inside out.  Now, decide how wide you want the bottom of your bag to be.  I cut my corners 1 1/2 inches x 1 1/2 inches.

Corners cut the same on both sides

Now I cut off some of the messiness of the bottom of these jeans so there more even with the waist line.  Not perfect, but close enough.

Now, with right sides together, put your "pattern" piece over your folded choice of liner fabric.

cut to a pretty close shape, alittle bigger is MUCH better then to small:)

Back to the flap.  I had to cut off these belt loops so that sewing the lining on would work out.

Fix the inner seam just like you did the front crotch seam.  YES, this is not symmetrical...oh well, still cool!

Now, lay out your "pattern" piece of your lining fabric.  I did this WRONG, do NOT lay it on the wrong side of your fabric!  Make sure you fabric is and your pattern piece are RIGHT SIDES TOGETHER!!  Especially when your pattern is not symmetrical!  Cut this out, pin, and sew all the sides but the top opening.  Flip out, press if you like, but, you know me:)

Here is where we lost camera battery.  I went ahead and sewed the corners and sides on both the jean and the liner.  I promise to have pics of this for my next one.  This can be kinda confusing so it's nice to have really good pics or video.  It IS really easy, but still better to have good pics to go off of.  Then I put the flipped right side out flap in the inside of the jean pattern ( the jean pattern was turned inside out).  I pinned it to the back side of the inside out jean purse and sewed it in place ( jean parts facing each other).  Then I put the liner in the purse so the right sides would be together.  I sewed around almost the entire purse leaving a hole to pull everything right side out of.  and then, wallah!

Finished bag!

I just love that Burgundy red paisley fabric with jean!  Works for me!

I will be adding some stick on fabric Velcro to the flap pockets as well as the inside jean pockets, to help from things falling out just in case.  This works so great for my phone in one pockets, camera in the other!  LOVE IT!

One bootie bag done!  Big enough to hold all of my crazy mommy stuff that makes my husband nuts! YEAH!

Now this didn't turn out perfect, but close enough to work for me.  Give it a shot, what's the worse that could happen??....try it!

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