Friday, March 9, 2012

Purim FUN!

Yesterday we celebrated Purim.  Purim is actually one of the minor Jewish feasts, like Hanukkah.  We enjoy remembering Purim because, well, we home school and love having fun with History for one.  But also, it's a wonderful book of the bible that tells of how God once again saved his people, and therefor Jesus, who was Jewish, was able to be born!!  So, we did some dress up, we made some traditional goodies and shared them with others.  We also brought some things to a local thrift store that provides goods for people in need and we also read the story in the bible as well as watched, "one night with the king" in the evening.  We had a great day!  Here are some pics ( and a totally silly video:):)  HAPPY PURIM!

Traditional cookie with three points filled with raspberry jam

Same but has the traditional filling of poppy seeds, honey and apple.  Also tried a cheese cake type filled one, SO good!

Ok, these have NOTHING to do with Purim, there Gluten Free Lemon Bars for a friend:)

Challah Bread...oh yeah! :)

One with poppy seeds, one without:)  makes GREAT french toast!


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