Monday, March 5, 2012

Time to start SEEDLINGS:)

Spring....... what a beautiful word!  It's COMING!!! YEAH!  I just LOVE spring.  I love the colors, the warmer weather, the gardening.... it's awesome.  SO, it's about that time to start seedlings.  I started ALOT this year, way more then I will need.  I figure if I have alot of extra's I can sell them to those who don't want to bother with starting and buying all the stuff and watering, lights etc....  SO, here they are:
Here's the lot of them, on the far left in the plastic drawer are roma's and cherry tomatoes, up next to them are two different kind of Big Boy tomatoes, to the right of them are the cucumbers, and to the right of them are jalapenos.  In the bottom row on the right are the pickiling cucumbers, then the other flat are  sweet red pepper plants.

These here are my cucumbers....  they always jump right out of the dirt just 3 days after I plant them!!
So excited to see my little babies grow!  I will keep putting pictures up to show there progress.  I have a few newer ones already that I will add in a day or two.

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