Monday, March 5, 2012


I just recently was blessed to get my own grain mill, a WONDER mill to be exact. 

I have been having a bit of fun milling things, including hard wheat, soft wheat, pinto beans and garbanzo beans so far:)  I did learn something right off though, when you turn on the wonder mill, the side container is so light that it whips around when you turn it on...... SO, don't have a FULL cup of wheat berries sitting right infront of it, or you will have this to clean up off the floor! lol....
SO, other then that crazy moment, things have been great!!!  Just hold it down and grind!!!  Here are some pictures of some ground pinto beans and garbanzo beans.
Pinto bean flour, GREAT for instant refried beans, soup thickener etc...

Hard wheat flour... nummy bread:)

Bean flour especially can cost SO much money, so I am excited to be able to grind it up and use it.  Does anyone know of a actual YUMMY gluten/dairy free bread????

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