Monday, March 5, 2012

Winter Jam

Recently my family and some friends went to a Christian Concert called Winter Jam.  Ten well known bands played as well all praised the Lord.  Here are some pics of the event!
Kayla, Bri and Sam

Ya, LARGE crowd:)

Sammy Wammy

Kayla Wayla

Where's Larry the cucumber????????  Keep looking.....

Ok, finally I got a picture of a bit of Bob the tomato...poor short thing:)

Inside at the beginning of the concert

It was a ok concert for me, last year was much more enjoyable to me because it felt like it was more worship and less show.... this year seamed much more show... the majority of the time I could not understand the words that people were singing, and alot of the words weren't on the screen this year so that made it alittle harder to sing with them.  But, all in all, it was REALLY load and showy, fog, lights, blasts of sparklers, stage tricks etc....  I get it's suppose to be entertaining.... but when does it cross over into... well.... glorifying the band , rather then the Lord?  I'm still working that one out, what do you think?

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