Sunday, January 31, 2010

1 Thes. 5:17 "pray without ceasing"

Prayer is one of my hardest disciplines. I struggle to remember to pray and well as I find so many other things in my life that gobble up my prayer time.
One of the hardest times for me, and also the MOST critical, is the morning. Getting that time in the morning to focus on Christ is SO pivotal in how your day will wind up. When I take the time to start my day out in prayer the outcome is NIGHT and DAY different to when I skip it. Trying to get through the day on our own never works out quite right. Now all that said, how many of us have things competing for our time in the morning?? I know as a mother and wife we can easily wake up with a FULL TO-DO list the moment we open our eyes!! Often I wake up to a baby monitor with a very adorable very LOUD baby making himself known on the other end! Or my two oldest daughters are arguing and someones stomping down the stairs to plead there case! So, it can be quite hard to get the quiet time with God with all that happening if I don't plan ahead!! When I can, I try to wake up by an alarm clock. Even if it's 15 minutes before the rest of my family gets up, it's enough to start the day out right with prayer. Author Elizabeth George says it like this " BEAT YOUR FAMILY UP!!" LOL That is, if you can, try to wake up before them to have that quiet time to pray:)
Not all of us can do this every morning I realize. I know I sure can't. SO, Kelly's tricks to time for prayer go like this:
#1. This one is my favorite secret and , shall we say, alittle taboo...:)
TOILET TIME PRAYER!! We all know there is not to many rooms we mom's get to be alone in for long, so I always take this opportunity to chat with God!! I'm sure God will bless our efforts to try to find as much time as we can to commune with Him, even if we are multi tasking!! LOL
#2. There are many other bathroom tasks that lend to time alone with God. Brushing your teeth, doing your hair/make-up, showering or taking a bath. All great times to pray in privacy.
#3. Doing household chores can be a bit mundane, but we can use this time wisely and fill it with prayer too! Thank God for the dishes He's given you to clean and the food he gave you too eat. Thank him for the clothes He's provided for your family and for the family He's provided for you. When you focus your mind to why you have the chores in the first place, it's easy to think of many things to thank God for when your doing the chores:)
#4. Aron's in the car bring great opportunity for prayer. When the kiddos and I see ambulances or fire trucks going by we try to remember to say a prayer to everyone involved in the crisis. Sometimes we will pick a color and each time we see that color car we will say a special prayer for them. ALSO, while the kiddos are reading, chatting or watching a movie, take that time to pray.

So these are just some tips that might help in finding that all so important time with God. Any relationship will suffer if the lines of communication aren't open and well used. Start your day out with the Lord and He will be faithful to bless you for it!!

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