Monday, January 18, 2010

Ben's Hospital Visit

Well we JUST made it to Ben's appointment today. I didn't realize there was security to go through at a hospital! Plus, getting to the actual surgery clinic was a maze that we had a personal escort to help us go through. His appointment was pretty short, and even though I forgot the CD of his ultra sound, the doc knew just what it was. It's a fluid filled hernia:( Yes...a hernia.... Sooooo, he will be having surgery, NEXT WEEK!! Thursday, January 28Th around noon time would be a great time to give up any prayers to him for a safe surgery. It's a 30 minute surgery and not to much of a big the doctors. Now to me, the mommy, any slice into my son is a big deal. BUT, rest assured that God is in control and can watch over him much better then I ever could! Here are some pics of our trip this afternoon. There were some really cool hanging sculptures there! It's quite a neat, brightly colored and fun children's hospital! I'm thankful it is available for Him for BOTH of his upcoming surgeries.


Maureen said...

He is always in my prayers. I will say a bunch more for a safe successful surgery. Love you all so much,

kelkayla said...

Thank you Mama, I ALWAYS appriciate your prayers and support!! LOVE AND MISS YOU CONSTENTLY!!!


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