Sunday, January 24, 2010

Making a child's t-shirt and pants!!!

I love to sew. Something about it is therapeutic to me, ( even though when I'm done I'm always acing in my back and neck), but it's so worth it!! Now, i'm not much for the tecnical side of sewing though. I know the VERY basics and just make things up from there useually.

Recently I have found a websight that has some FANTASTIC tutorials on how to sew many things super easy and even better, super QUICK!! Check out the blog indietutes to see the vast erray of sewing projects she has up!! Today I used her tutorial on how to make a child's T-shirt or Lapshirt. You can find it on there websight with GREAT pictures HERE.

I also went along and made a pair of matching "15 minute" pants here. I learned how to make these with this FANTASTICLY easy video made by the Rookie Mom's. Click HERE to see the video!! The rookie mom's way is even easyer because they use a t-shirt so you don't have to hem the bottom of the pants!! I used some great flannel fabric my Aunt Mary blessed me with!

Now, I can't show you pictures of the finished product right now because this is a present for a very sweet nephew of mine for next saterday!! SOOooo, I will post the pic as soon as I get home after his party:) For now, check out the pattern I made useing indietutes tutorial page ( the one on the left is for a regular t-shirt and the one on the right is for the lapshirt)! Worked out well. Sleeves are evil and will just always be evil, but managed to get them on there. NOT perfect but totaly wearable and mostly just I will be able to see where I slipped up.
If you give these sewing project a try, please post a comment and link to your pics of finished product!! Would love to see how it works out for everyone else!

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Maureen said...

You amaze me!!!! How was your study?


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