Monday, January 25, 2010

Homeschooling tip

Today my homeschooling tip is a quick and easy one! Both my girls DREAD the dictionary. The idea of having to actually look something up seems to be equivalent to walking in the snow barefoot uphill!! Soooo, this morning, they had a dreaded word to look up!!! ( It was covet by the way:) But instead of asking them to get there dictionary's out and look it up, I said "DICTIONARY WARS!!" These two words put together to them meant " TIME TO RACE MY SISTER!!!" and , WALLLAAAAH, no longer did they see the dictionary as an evil monster, but as a shinny red sports car in which to speed there way through the race and win!!! On your marks, get set , GO!!! NEVER have they searched for a word with such vigor!!! LOL To add a little somethin somethin to it, I mentioned that the esteemed winner would receive a nice shinny sticker to be placed where ever they like ( EXCEPT on my furniture!!!) I have used this technique many time in SWORD DRILL with the Bible, but never thought to try it with the dictionary. SO there it is, my morning revelation for you to share!!! Ready, Set, GO!!!!

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