Tuesday, January 19, 2010

2:58 am... If ya can't BEAT um, join-um!

After a miserable game of puppy yelping and me tossing a turning thinking of evil things to do to him, I have finally given up. SOOOooo, what else better to do when it's ( now ) 3:23 am but to bake mini cupcakes in my new infra wave oven and blog about it!! LOL , YES, this is me, in the EARLY morning, baking cupcakes on my counter..... I DID tell the kids I would make them a few for breakfast this morning... this was NOT my original vision, but I'm just going with it!

THIS is my infra wave oven..... have been having a bit of fun with this lovely Christmas gift:) Here's a rotisserizing beef roast from yummy, and we only ate half. SOoooo fantastical french dip frenzy for lunch tomorrow, LOL, I mean today!

Ok, so here is the first finished product.....well most of it. Yummy, slightly uneven though, but hey, it's REALLY early in the morning!! Tryed to fill um more on the second one....think I went alittle over board....oh dear...

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