Friday, January 15, 2010

Johnny Cakes!!

Our Newest activity on the trail was to make Johnny Cakes! This is a recipe they would have used on the journey ( we used the buttermilk from the butter we made as well as the butter for on top!), probably when they ran low on flour or for something different. They could have bartered for corn from the Native Americans along the way. Here's some pictures of how it went. The Verdict: Not my favorite, but Sammy LOVES them and Kay thinks there ok. If I were a grits girl I'm sure I would like them, but it's the texture that does them in for me. Not horrible, but I'll take flour over corn meal for my cakes!! :) For fun, we did one on the wood stove and the girls had it for part of there lunch:)
Ben has a doc appointment on Monday to find out what to do about the sist. Will continue to update as I know more!

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