Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Oregon Trail

For the past week, the family has been sent back through time to the 1800's on a 2000 mile trip from Independance, Mo. to the state of Oregon! This study has been LONG overdue as I LOVE THIS TIME PERIOD!!!! We are having so much fun with this!! The first thing we did is make fun Prarie Diaries. The girls have to choose names and a family and a reason for leaving the east to travel west. Each day they write a little in it as if they're are out on the trail. They are really enjoying this. They both decided to draw pictures in the beginning of their journals to show their families:)
Today we have been working on Portable Soup and homemade crackers!! So much fun and it was actually really good!! Looking forward to all of next weeks activities!!


Anonymous said...

I love the girls' outfits, Kelly! Maybe I'll learn to sew one of these days. I've always wanted to have a blog, too. So glad you started--I love the name!


kelkayla said...

Thanks!! I can't take credit for these AWESOME outfits!! A fantastic lady makes them and sells them on ebay for only $15!!! apron and hat included!
Let me know if you ever start one so I can follow it!! If you want to follow mine just click on the subscribe too area! God bless!


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