Saturday, January 23, 2010

Little girls and there dolls...

Good morning everyone!! A sweet friend of mine reminded me that I could ask the holy spirit to wake me up in the morning AND to wake me up in a good mood, SOoooo I did!!! Me up right now in a good mood is proof enough that God exists for me!! :) I knew at 1:30 am it was seemingly a tall order to ask Him to get me up at 6am, let alone in a good mood, but He always goes far and beyond what you ask for and here I am, smiling after my...nap....:) THANK YOU JESUS FOR BEING SO FAITHFUL!!
Today is a bit of a busy day, gotta sort through the girls MOUNTAIN of clothes and widdle it down to something they can manage with there two drawers each. Gotta get ready for the start of my new study tomorrow ( YEAH!!!), try to sew some to make some gifts, welcome in laws over and go watch my oldests basketball game!! Time to get started!!! Thought I would start your day out with something my youngest daughter Sammy did the other night. She loves dress up, and while daddy was away, the Sam shall play...dress up that is... with her little brother!! Don't tell Jason!!! LOL


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