Friday, January 22, 2010

Babies and Sundaes...

Today was a pretty busy day! After breakfast, spelling test and some essay work ( which is still going on...essays to come later..), we headed off to drop Kayla off for Hands on Science, Learning Lunches and Fun Friday! These are all WONDERFUL classes offered to homeschoolers here in Leavenworth county! If you are interested click HERE and check them out!
While Kay was having fun there, Sam, Ben and I did some grocery shopping at various places, went to the bank, and had some Sam and Mom time at McDonald's for lunch!! She and I really enjoy getting this special time to be together, as well as the yummmmmy fries ( well there just the best, they just are!!)
After lunch I bought a Sundae for us all to share... as I was feeding this creamy sugary chocolate delight to my 9 1/2 month old I realized something. With the first baby, your so worried about everything and then with the second... not nearly as much:) Then with the third, you find yourself feeding your 9 month old ice cream and hot fudge!!! LOL Anyone else get this??

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