Saturday, January 30, 2010

Ben's Surgery

Well, we are all finally back home and I can now share with you some of the pics from Ben's surgery! Take a look:)

Checkin the vitals:)

Is my gown open!!????

Is it time yet??

He was SOOOOOO hungry!! Eating in his sleep! He was also VERY VERY lethargic from the anesthesia.

Soooo tiny! He was a trooper and came out of everything great thanks to God and ALLLL of your wonderful prayers!! GOD BLESS YOU ALL!!


Maureen said...

He is so little with the tubes and little gown. I am so glad it went so well and he came through it with flying colors!! Love him so much and of course all of you too!!!

kelkayla said...

Me too. It was alittle weird to see him with all that stuff attached, but he did so well!! Good practice for his next surgery in less then 5 weeks!!


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