Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Dried Fruit

Today is kinda a slow day. Normal school things in the morning. Jason took the truck in AGAIN to see what the deal is. Of course it didn't do whatever it's doing wrong while they had it though. But, asked him to bring it in as soon as it does to look it over free of charge. So that's good! Today our history activity is dried apples. SOoooo, daddy went to the store for a big old Jonathan apple and we got to slicing. We made as many rounds as we could ( after coring ), dipped them in lemon juice and then strung them up on a bit of string behind (what I think ) will be the perfect dehydrator... and closer to what they had back then as apposed to a electric one:) We will see how it does. Drying time depends on temp and thickness/size of the apple. Will let y'all know how they turn out!!


Maureen said...

I love this blog Kelly. You are doing a super job with the kids.

kelkayla said...

Thanks mama!! This is pretty fun~!


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